Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Ciren Writers Group

The problem: the tendency for so many writers groups to produce nothing but self-indulgent ramblings.
The solution: to bring together a motley crue of fiction writers united by one ambition….to become successful, commercial novelists.

And so was formed Cirencester Writers.

The original group met at the 2010 Cheltenham Literature Festival’s writing workshops, after I asked if anyone who was serious about commercial fiction wanted to join me. Ever since then, we have met in Cirencester once a month to share work, discuss writing challenges and, now, to write this communal blog to detail our efforts towards success.  

Progress has been good. We moved to wine rather than tea about six months ago, and we haven’t looked back. Chocolate and biscuit consumption remain steady.

We’ve even had one of our number secure an agent, spurring the rest of us on to write and network more (and think about some counselling for those jealousy problems).  

So here we are. Please follow us and share your thoughts on any and all of our postings.

Floss (aka Felicia Willow)

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  1. Interested.

    Still at the Novice stage although I have now gone back to using Facbook and Twitter which I felt was a waste of time and the blog deltfast on wordpress.

    Currently re-working the first 2 books in the series ... Parky's Lunch and Parky's afters.

    For interest:

    Plot of the first:

    A group lead by a corrupt Insurance Executive starts hijacking oil tankers in West Africa.

    Aided by corrupt Politicians, Bankers and an Oil Guru they finally cross the CIA.

    Can Parky put an ex Army disgraced Major and a team of walking dead together to reach West Africa, survive and complete their mission.

    Second Book:

    Parky's Afters is the second book in the series about Boy, Parky, Bishop, Prilloch and Gris.

    Following on from Parky and his team taking out the Insurance Executive running the Hijackings, the Defence Minister and a Government Adviser in Lunch, Parky and his team are put out to pasture. All three killed were crooked but with the lack of proof it was buried under the Rose to smell sweetly and the Secret Prison in Kensington closed.

    When all but one of the Tanker Hijacking Group are killed with an attempt on Boy's life prevented by Parky's team from succeeding, Boy is dragged back into a life in Security and a house with Gris.

    The actions of Peres, Ewa and Romel in the meantime had virtually wiped out the usefulness of the Security Service and under pressure from the CIA Parky and his Team are re-instated to hunt down several Moles in the Service and the large degree of information being leaked to other Governments.

    Can the Team find the Moles and stop the leaks.

    Third book - still playing with while I rewrite the others


    FYOG is a futuristic activists World where Activists and Politicians rule and Brands present dumb obedience with life dictated by automatons dedicated to their idea of a perfect world for those they serve whilst the State ensures you have every defined activity allowed but monitored, checked and then automation moves in to control.

    For those who don't obey and are consider dangerous to the environment there is Friday Night and unless you enjoy Friday's excess you will not enjoy Friday and not for very long.

    The pluses of course are no Agents as the decisions are made for you for the greater good of the environment.

    You eat as your cooker and wallpapers decide.

    Electronics are via your Wallpaper and your kitchen appliances communicate after your door, letter box and door jams have decided to admit you and a possible guest which extends to their sex and it all defines what your sense of smell really is.